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How to remove IP from Microsoft Blacklist

Recently, I have received quite a number of questions from my blog subscribers. Such questions as; How to remove IP from Microsoft Blacklist. This complaint came after taking my tutorial on how to set up a custom email marketing system using Postal MTA. But what I always say is… Microsoft just like other email clients like Gmail, Yahoo, etc can blacklist your IP address when they notice spam traits. It is very important to follow deliverability best practices. It is also good to understand the reason why your emails are blocked by other clients not just Microsoft.

In this short guide, I am going to show you How to remove IP from Microsoft Blacklist or your domain. This process is quite simple and just requires a simple form submission.

Microsoft emails

We will learn How to remove IP from Microsoft Blacklist from these domains since they are owned by Microsoft:


Types of Microsoft Blacklist

To the best of my knowledge, there are two types of Microsoft blacklist

  • External Blacklist and,
  • Internal blacklist

External blacklist

These are the types of blacklists by Microsoft that can be detected by third-party tools and databases. Such tools and databases are hetrixtools, Mxtoolbox, Spamhaus, etc. This is not necessarily an issue. You can easily delist it from the blacklist without involving the Microsoft delivery team.  

Note: Before you delete your server from this blacklist, ensure to find out the reason for your blacklist and fix it. This is very important because if you fix the issue before delisting, your IP will be blacklisted again and constant violation of the same issue will lead to a permanent blacklist.

Internal Blacklist

This is a type of blacklist by Microsoft which is controlled by the Microsoft team and cannot be found by running a blacklist check on third-party tools and databases. This is our main concern.

To remove your server from the Microsoft blacklist you need to submit two forms as shown below. As I hinted above, make sure to check the error message returned by your server in your message log and fix it before applying for Microsoft blacklist removal.

Go through the forms carefully and submit a delist request.

It is also important to be patient and wait for the Microsoft team to go through your server issue and get back to you in maybe 3-4 business days. Just be patient.

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