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Why Email Marketing Is So Important: All You Need To Know

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According to campaignmonitor, the Return on investment in email marketing is 4400%. This implies a $44 return on every $1 spent. Also according to Direct Marketing Association, 66% of consumers have made a purchase online due to an email marketing message they have received in the past.

Why Email Marketing Is So Important
Why Email Marketing Is So Important

In this short tutorial, we are going to see why email marketing is so important, all you need to know, and how you can skyrocket your sales and conversion through email marketing. It doesn’t matter the niche or business you are in; email marketing remains the most viable means to build a great relationship with the lovers of your content, increase revenue, and cut down advertising costs.

Aside from the high ROI in email marketing, Email marketing helps to increase the ROI in business more than any form of advertising. For instance; during your advertising on Facebook, Google, youtube, bing, etc once you capture the emails of the people that interacted with your ad, you can easily build relationships with them and they will trust you and buy your recommendations. But if you do the contrary by running advertising straight to your offers, you might get some sales but it won’t be as compared to when you implement email marketing in your business.

So, if you are still wondering whether or not, email marketing is dead or not? The truth is that you are leaving a lot of conversions and sales on the table.

Now Let’s get straight to the point on Why Email Marketing Is So Important …..

What is email marketing?

Email marketing is a form of digital marketing which involves sending genuine emails to specific niches to increase traffic. There are a lot of Reasons, why Email Marketing Is So Important. It helps to create awareness about your business, promote specific offers, etc. This helps to generate sales instantaneously or take your customers through a funnel to increase sales in the longer term

Why consider email marketing?

There has been some level of criticism on the relevance of email marketing in today’s world of business. Some big names even went extreme to affirm that email marketing is dead. On the contrary, is not and will never be dead. Here are a few reasons why email marketing is not dead and will not be dead in the near future.

Increases ROI in business:

As hinted at the beginning of the tutorial. Email marketing helps to increase your business’s return on investment by up to 4400%. Assuming you invested 1000 bucks in your business, both in advertising and all; and at the end of a specific period as set by you, your return on investment is 50%, that means you have a total of fifteen hundred ($1500) bucks in total with five hundred bucks as your ($500) Return on investment. So if you decide to employ email marketing in your business you are going to increase your ROI by a whooping nothing less than 4400%. That means that you are now going to be making 44*$1000 of your initial investment, which is nothing less than $44k as opposed to the normal 1/2*$1000 you would have made assuming you didn’t implement email marketing. The next question in your mind will be…

How am I going to be sure that these numbers are really feasible? Or is it just a vein collection of data to make up things? And you are 100% right for thinking like that because you really need to know the feasibility of what you want to implement in your business. Just continue reading and you will find out soon. In this tutorial, you will see how and why it is possible to even make far more than 4400% of your initial investment as ROI after having totally implemented email marketing in your business.

4400% ROI in Email Marketing.

Alright, Here let’s look at a little shadow of how email marketing can increase your ROI. Let’s look at the same $1000 investment scenario. If you are investing $1K without collecting your customers’ emails; you will be spending this money on advertising or any other means of reaching out to customers. We all know that people buy trust, it is difficult to click an ad and go straight to the product page and pull out your credit or debit card and buy. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen but that will be a once in a blue. One of the processes of building trust is through email marketing. Instead of sending your customers directly to the sales page of your product which may likely not convert, you can send them to a landing page.

One good thing about email marketing is that with the right autoresponder software like mailwizz you can automate emails while asleep. By doing this you will make more sales. For those that didn’t buy immediately; trust will be built over time and they will finally buy once your offer is good. This will save you a lot of money because email marketing is very cheap compared to running paid advertising. Once you have collected customers’ emails you can send unlimited emails to them later.

Factors affecting high ROI

As enticing as the ROI in email marketing might be. It is very important to know that there are some factors that need to be properly checked to achieve this. These factors if not properly followed will make little or no ROI from email marketing. Let us look at them below…


The picture above shows a total of 414 leads I collected within a month at the moment of writing this tutorial using Generally, building a list involves collecting emails and building your empire of subscribers by giving out high-quality content to your potential subscribers. To increase your ROI in email marketing through list building, make sure that what you are giving out in exchange for their emails is of high quality. This will give you the confidence that you are giving out something valuable, and psychologically anyone who has received a high-quality freebie from you will trust you enough to buy from you when you recommend a product.

Requirements to build an email list

The major requirement to build an email list is an email marketing platform. This is where you capture your customer’s emails, manage your email list, campaigns, manage retargeting, etc

The Email System Explained

The email system is comprised of two parts: The software which is the place where you can type your messages and the delivery server; which is in charge of delivering the message written on your software to your subscribers. Email marketing companies already have both the software and the delivery servers integrated as one platform. All you just have to do is to subscribe and start your sending. You can learn the structure of the email marketing system and different types of email marketers to understand fully how things work.

Here are the best email marketing companies with 99% inbox delivery to start with totally for free…

Product Details   Price review One of the fastest-growing email automation tools. It is cost-effective and a good alternative for Clickfunnels Start Free Trial
GetResponse review Getresponse Has grown to a full automation system over the years for both small and large-sized businesses. Also a good choice for e-commerce Start Free Trial
activecampaign review ActiveCampaign Also a good automation tool out there with great deliverability. Start Free Trial

If you don’t want to subscribe to a fully integrated service like getresponse,, and ActiveCampaign you can build your own custom email marketing system from scratch by following this tutorial “postal SMTP setup guide

If you don’t want to go through the technicalities involved in setting up your own SMTP server, You can click here to Hire us to Develop a custom email system tailored to your business need.

Summarily all you need to do is to get a VPS server and host your mailing software. After hosting your mailing software subscribe to an email marketing such as mailgun or amazon ses. when you have paid for your plan and verified your domain, you will be given DNS records to add to your domain DNS zone to verify your domain. After verification, you can start mailing. The issue with this is that it requires a little bit of technical knowledge, but believe me it is actually easy and doable if you follow my tutorials. But you can easily sign up for a, getresponse, or ActiveCampaign account and start totally for free without worrying about anything technical.

Email Companies with High ROI

It is very important to know that not all email marketing companies will give you the best ROI. There are different factors and features that an email marketing company must have so as to give you the best potential ROI. This is very important so that you can choose the best platform for your business. Here are a few things to check out before opting in for an email marketing platform.

Email Deliverability

Email deliverability according to Activecampaign is the ability of email messages to arrive in the recipient’s email inbox. The reason you send emails is for your subscribers to see your messages and take relevant actions. Guess what will happen if your emails didn’t reach the inbox of your subscribers? They won’t simply see it and no matter how great your contents are, it is as useless as bad content. So when choosing an email marketing company for your business or using your own dedicated IP, Make sure to use a reputable email marketing platform that has very high inbox delivery. In the same way, if you are using a dedicated server or a dedicated brand IP address make sure to check How to warm up IP. This will ensure your server is sharp for sending emails.

Here are the email marketing companies with up to 99% deliverability…..



I know by now we all have chosen email marketing companies to start with. if you haven’t scroll up and start with one for totally free.

Ways of building an email list

Now, How can you collect leads after you have either finished setting up your custom Email marketing system or subscribed to a mailing service?


You can get organic traffic from search engines like Google through SEO. You can also use great platforms like Quora and other forums targeted to your niche to build your email list by providing value in the platform.


You can also run Facebook ads, google ads, Microsoft ad, etc and build your list.

Tricks to build your email list

Here are a few tricks and strategies to build your email list fast.

Always make sure that the caption in the subscription form is psychologically appealing. For instance: you can have a caption like “Get Exclusive tips and tutorials that I only share with my subscribers” and then have the subscription form where they will now have to enter their email. You can also check my own subscription form here to take inspiration. You can also subscribe to my newsletter if you want.

Using pop-up plugins

Aside from your subscription form, you can also implement a popup feature in your website so that anybody surfing through your website or reading your blog, a subscription form will pop up for the person to subscribe to your email list. You might have noticed that a pop-up appeared as you were reading through this tutorial 🤗. All these features will help to increase sign-ups on your website or blog. For the popup that I use on all my website including on this blog post, I use to build them totally for free. All you have to do is to signup for a free account, create one, and paste the trigger code on your website. Anyone reading through your blog will have the popup show to them.


In email marketing, Email automation is very important both for your business and for saving time. In email marking you can tell your autoresponder software to automatically send a welcome email to anybody that just signs up for your list. You can keep automating things for as long as you want. The software can send a particular email on the second day after the person has subscribed. This automation can keep running for a year or as long as you want. Automation is very important because it helps you to run the entire email marketing system even while asleep.


This involves generating great content via email to your subscribers. Email marketing is a business and should be treated as such. You wouldn’t want to send trash to your subscribers. If you don’t send quality emails to your subscribers, they won’t buy what you are recommending. They will start unsubscribing from your list. make sure to bear value in mind before sending out emails.


This is the process of analyzing your sent emails to see what is working and what is not. This involves tracking the open rate, and click rate and also doing A/B splitting tests. The A/B splitting test involves sending your campaigns with different headlines and content for your system to analyze the two campaigns. For instance; if you have 20k subscribers, you can write two headlines and body content for the same campaign using different templates.

You can configure Getresponse to send using the first template to 20% of your subscribers, and send to another 20% using the second template. Either of the two campaigns that have a better open rate and click-through rate the software will send using the highest performing template to the remaining 60% of subscribers. By doing this you will be able to track the performance of your campaign and make sure you are sending using the best-performing template, headline, and body content.

Summarily, email marketing is a great way of reducing your ad cost and ROI by great numbers. Every business no matter the niche should give email marketing a try and see a leap in their business.

Comment below, and let me know what is your thought on this tutorial. Let us interact together and help each other. You can also submit any question here on the forum.

Hope you got some value and thanks for stopping by and reading through my blog.

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