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How to install WordPress on Cyberpanel

If you have been looking for how to install WordPress on the very popular control panel known as Cyberpanel, this tutorial is for you. For some years now cyberpanel has gathered a great deal of popularity amongst other control panels. This can be attributed to its user intuitiveness, easy installations, great premium features available for free, and easy integrations with third-party applications, and content management systems. One of the great Content management systems (CMS) available for launch on Cyberpanel is WordPress. 

So, here we will see how we can install WordPress on Cyberpanel very easily without worrying about technical hassles. Ready?? Let’s go ……

Requirements to install WordPress on Cyberpanel 

  1. A domain Name
  2. A freshly installed CentOS7 operating system with at least 1GB RAM and 20GB of storage.
  3. A static IP address for your VPS.
  4. An SSH client like PuTTY (For windows users) or Termius (for MAC users) or simply through the Mac terminal to connect to your VPS.
  5. The latest version of the Cyberpanel installer script.
  6. Root access to your VPS.

Here I used CentOS7. You can use an entirely different operating system for example ubuntu. The above requirements or steps are also requirements or steps to install Cyberpanel. It is after we have had our Cyberpanel up and running we can install WordPress on Cyberpanel.

The interesting thing is that we already have tutorials on how to install Cyberpanel on how to install Cyberpanel on centOS7 VPS. Just go through it to get your Cyberpanel installed then you can come back here and install WordPress on Cyberpanel.

Processes to install WordPress on Cyberpanel

Once you are done installing Cyberpanel on your VPS, you will be greeted with such a Cyberpanel interface as the one below:

Install WordPress on Cyberpanel

Input your username and password in the username and password field and you will be in as in below:

install wordpress on cyberpanel

Once you are logged in, click on WordPress on the left-hand side, then deploy WordPress. Then choose your plan and you will be up and running.

Install wordpress on cyberpanel

Here you can start your free trial. I do hope you try running WordPress on Cyberpanel today and tell me your thought on it, if it is really worth it or not for you.

Got Any Questions?

If you still have issues with how to install WordPress on Cyberpanel, do well to ping me in the comment section and I will be very glad to be of help. Thanks for stopping by and reading through my blog.

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