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What is port 25 in a VPS server? 

When we talk about ports, it really depends on whether we are talking about physical devices or ports in terms of networking or virtual machines or devices. We are very much familiar with ports in physical devices, which can be a hole in your physical computer, phone, or any gadget that helps you to connect to an external device. Shortly, we are going to understand what is port 25 in a VPS server, its security strength, and its role in the world of email transmission. 

Note: We have already had an article on the lists of VPS companies with port 25 open. You may want to check it out.

Examples of ports in physical devices 

Ports on physical devices can be the most popular USB port, Headphone or earpiece port, VGA port, LAN Port, Serial Port, firewall port, printer port, and the list goes on and on and on. The above-listed port only helps you to connect to physical devices. The topic we are talking about ‘What is port 25 in a VPS server’ you can see it is totally unrelated to physical devices. It totally has to do with computer networking or virtualization. 

What is port in virtualization

According to Cloudflare A port is a virtual universally accepted point where network connections start and end. In other words, ports are protocols this allows connections or traffic to pass from one computer to another, it doesn’t matter the type of traffic it is.

Examples of ports in Virtualization 

There are wide ranges of ports available in networking or in network virtualization. A few of them and what they do includes:

  1. To surf the world wide web we connect through port 80. This means to connect to the internet we need port 80 to be open on our device.
  2. To send unencrypted email over the internet we need port 25
  3. Connecting to a remote desktop protocol (RDP) we need port 3389 to be open on the two devices.
  4. Modern encrypted SMTP or email sending uses port 587
  5. The encrypted version of the web uses port 443 to route all traffic via HTTPS. 
  6. Port 465 enables secured email transmission.

The below screenshot shows some examples of virtualization

What is port 25 in a VPS server

To this point, since we’re more concerned about knowing ‘what is port 25 in a VPS server’ we will be exploring only port 25. 

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What is port 25 

Simply put, port 25 is an unencrypted internet protocol for incoming and outgoing mail. it was formally genuinely assigned by the internet engineering task force as the default port for email transmission. Today it’s still recognized by the internet-assigned numbers authority as the default SMTP port. But, there arises an issue of great concern. Port 25 is an unencrypted port for email transmission. This means that during the email transmission process, an unscrupulous person can intercept the email and maybe modify it. As a result, internet service providers, email clients and most web hosts have decided to block port 25 for all incoming mail. This will greatly help the to prevent spam and modified emails from passing through their servers. In general port 25 is very great for sending and receiving outgoing and incoming mail.

Due to the unencrypted nature of port 25 transmissions, many hosting companies blocked it on their servers. Though we still have a few companies that allow port 25 open on their server. Such companies make it easier for private email marketers to send unlimited emails from their servers. And this isn’t even a criterion for them to send spam emails. They will always monitor you to see the kind of email, at what frequency, response rate, and IP blocklist. Keeping these in check will help them to see if spam emails are originating from you. If so you will be blocked. So, don’t even think of spamming just because you saw a company that allows you access to an open port 25.

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VPS Providers with port 25 open

Turnkey Internet Visit Turnkey
Contabo Visit Contabo
Hostwinds Visit Hostwinds
OVHCLOUD Visit Ovhcloud
Vultr Visit Vultr

The list above is a list of the numerous VPS providers with port 25 open. For the sake of clarity, it will be great to mention that it is only turnkey internet, hostwinds, VPSBG, ovhcloud of the lists above have port 25 open by default. For Contabo and Vultr, you need to message them and tell them to open the ports for you, you may be required to answer some questions, just supply your answers and wait for their approval.

To learn more about What is port 25 in a VPS server, you can visit the following site: Hostinger, Computerhope, cloudflare, techtarget. You can also post any question you may have in the comment section below or in our forum and we will be so happy to attend you.

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