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Why Google Remains the Superior Choice: ChatGPT’s Limitations

Why Google Remains the Superior Choice

It has been some months since the launch of ChatGPT as one of the most successful projects of OpenAI, ​​a research organization dedicated to advancing AI in a safe and beneficial way for all. Since OpenAI launched this great AI simulation and made them available to the public via various integrations and APIs, it amassed over 100m users within the space of 2 months. This new out-of-the-blue tech eruption has affected a lot of businesses including our website (, google, Jasper, and many other premium AI platforms. In this article, we will explore the limitations of chatbots like Chatgpt by Openai, Bard by Google, AI in general, and Why Google Remains the Superior Choice.

A few weeks after Chatgpt was launched; I noticed a ridiculous drop in both my traffic and sales. Google, and other major AI platforms like Jasper, there has been a significant decrease in monthly traffic and revenue too.

The question is… why will I go about surfing Google for like 30 mins looking for the answer to a question when I can use chatGPT and get the answer within seconds, provided I use the right prompt? Why should I pay Jasper to write for me while I have ChatGPT that can write for me without placing any cap on the number of words It can write for me for free? Though for some time now Jasper has added a lot of great features to make the platform way better than before. I made the chatgpt-jasper comparison above based on text-content generation, there are other great features of Jasper, you can go to Jasper and explore more. Now let’s dive deep and see reasons Google remains the superior choice.

Why AI Won’t Displace Google or your website

This has brought a lot of debate between me, my team, and friends on the future of Google as a company. Most of them argued that a time will come when AI and chatbots will replace Google and regular search engines. From my spectrum of the argument I believed and subscribe to the fact that; though chatbot will take some portion of the search engine or brand’s traffic, it will never replace Google or other search engines completely. I told them the reason below:

  1. ChatBots like Chatgpt lack photorealism.
  2. No community or forum to assist with code-based generation since Chatgpt can generate both code and conversational text responses.
  3. Chatgpt doesn’t have access to the internet hence it is limited in information.
  4. Hallucination.
  5. Chatbots seek human Validation

Lack of photorealism

As we all know Chatgpt, Bard and most AI projects lack the photorealistic representation of the conversational code and text that they generate. In some technical situations, we really need to see the pictorial representation of what each point should look like in order to fully grasp what things should look like. For instance, we have a guide on how to install Mailwizz with and without cPanl, how to install WordPress without cPanel, How to set up Postal SMTP server, and send unlimited emails. In technical topics as such, I showed all the little details including the pictorial representation of each step for a better understanding of the email-sending concept.

Chatbots like chatgpt or bard today can only give instructional and conversational guides on approaching technical stuff. At some points in following the chatbot’s response, it is very easy to get confused at some point if you don’t have a pictorial representation of what what you’re doing looks like. The reason is simple, chatbots are fed with text datasets that they’re meant to give back to you as a text response and not as an image response. Since they can only give conversational text responses, when approaching some technical stuff you may still need to refer to Google where a real human explained the concept in question. So, chatgpt can’t replace what it still has to depend on at some point to give a better understanding to users.

No Community to assist with Technical details

Just as in the photorealistic nature of Google suggestions. Google Suggestions have real humans that are willing and able to assist with any issue one might encounter in the course of any technical concept. We know a lot of support forums and communities today that can further help users with any issue they might be facing even when it has been explained textually and pictorially. An example is the WordPress forum, Stackoverflow, J-insights forum, etc. They all offer support to users which chatbots can’t do as of today.

They can’t also provide a forum or community to help users with the questions they might have in the course of applying what it has generated for them. This is part of Why Google Remains the Superior Choice even in the future.

Access to Limited Information

It is very important to understand that Chatgpt is just an NLP model (Natural language processing model) which is fed with billions of datasets and codesets. They only have access to the information they are being fed by regurgitating human-like strings of words. This is the reason it has access to limited information. Chatgpt always states that it has no information about events that happened from 2021 upward. Chatgpt can’t do more than the information it has been trained with.

Why Google Remains the Superior Choice

Hallucination and Regurgitation of information

You might have witnessed that when you type a query on AI models like chatgtp it will return a very wild response that you will even be asking yourself what the hell is this? Most times than non you need to put chatgpt in the right perspective to be able to give you a near-to-reality response.

Aside from that it regurgitates information or response. Upon evaluating responses from chatbots like Bard or ChatGPT, one can observe that the responses lack a basis in reality. it doesn’t really understand what they are giving back to you after running a query. This is because they are giving back the data it has been fed without real human effort to explain stuff deeply. This is Why Google Remains the Superior Choice. Different search engines recommendation is explained in human-like form. Though not all suggestions on the search results will be as deep-rooted as the reader may want it generally depends on the user’s definition of what an in-depth explanation looks like.

Chatbots Cannot just serve as a search engine

Let’s even assume that chatgpt has access to the internet in real time. It will definitely have access to a lot of information. This will prompt the question of what would be the most reliable source it would regurgitate its responses. So, you see the real issue? Even the normal media of today; we can’t even know when they are spreading fake news or not.

Chatbots seek human Validation

When we run a prompt on Chatgpt or Bard, a normal intelligent human mind will always want a reference that validates its responses. Google is still very much leading in this area because once you type a search query, google will bring out the top results for that query and each of those results has references in case you have questions.

Will ChatGpt replace Google?

I think by now we have done justice to our bone of contention. So, in my own opinion, it will never replace it, or at least; it hasn’t as of today. Chatgpt and search engines are two different models with their individual uniqueness. We can really use them to our advantage at any point we find them a handful to ease our work.

To explore more, the difference between chatgpt and Why Google Remains the Superior Choice. You can read the following post from these great sites: Pcguide, Dailymail, MOZ.

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